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Book Launch + Win BE Swag !

Nina1Last night I got my friends together to celebrate the launch of Bell Eleven. There was samosa, parsnip pizza, truffles, and lots of bubbles all evening, which finished off by me reading out loud from the prologue of the book. Also had some swag for my guests to take home, as you can see in the photo.

To keep the celebrations going, I’ve got more Bell Eleven swag to hand out! To enter the competition, simply interact with this post – i.e. comment, reblog, link to etc – and I’ll draw three lucky winners of a book mark featuring Bell Eleven!

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Bell Eleven PUB DAY!

It’s November 26, friends! I.e. RELEASE DAY for Bell Eleven! belleleven.cover.final

Not only does it mean that all the lovely people who pre-ordered the book can snuggle up with a cup of tea and experience the story at last, but it also means that those of you who aren’t convinced yet that Bell Eleven is worthy of your time can snoop at the content!

Let’s not talk about the two 5-star ranks on GoodReads (ahem, ahem), but why don’t you head on over to your Amazon store (links here) and see what all the fuss is about?

10 % of Bell Eleven is now available as a free sample/taster which you can download in the Kindle Store. It’s on the right-hand side, conveniently placed just below the “Buy now” box.

Happy reading and happy sampling!

xoxo N.

ps. there’s something off about the formatting in the sample – the actual book looks different!

Call Me Crazy Leaf Lady

Was out and about today to film the book trailer for Bell Eleven. Must have looked like an absolute idiot, standing on my own in the middle of the park, tossing wet leaves over my iPhone … The things we do for art, eh? Anyway, I did get some footage but I’ll be out throwing more leaves around me this weekend, so keep an eye open.

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Bell Eleven Live Alert

November 2, i.e. T-24 days! Just over three weeks until YA fantasy adventure novel Bell Eleven (Book One of The Landskapë Saga) is out. Wow.

It’s possible it’ll be available for pre-order before then, so I thought I’d set up a little once-in-a-life time Live Alert for anyone interested. Sign up by clicking the link below and you’ll receive ONE e-mail the second Bell Eleven is available.

Click here to go to the Sign-up form.

Remember to confirm the subscription (you’ll get a link in an email)


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