Out September 10!

Blurb below image ** WARNING: SPOILER ALERT **



Freja may have escaped Topster’s grasp for now but as Amérle is taken over by his army, an even greater challenge awaits. Together with her faithful companion, the batsër Pollux, she must seek out the mythical Duo, the ruling brothers of the third landskapë—the Red World. Only there can she hope to find help to stop Topster and to quench the failing Network before it’s too late.

The journey forces her to face the consequences of her newfound self. She is a true Master of the Élan, but can she really set aside all her humanness to embrace the proper nature of a Master?

Then there’s the rumour of a prophecy—a truth which in Freja’s possession could change everything. Of course, it’s only a rumour …

Eight Bridges is the second book of YA fantasy adventure series The Landskapë Saga.