And all of a sudden…

And all of a sudden...

…I’m finished! Book one, “BE” is complete and even sent off to one of my first readers! After a six-hour sitting this morning I typed the last word. Now I feel like I’ve run a marathon or played entire basketball game – you know when you push yourself and push yourself until you no longer feel the pain, only when hitting the finish line does all the soreness and exhaustion come flying back. My head is empty, my body aches, but oh my lord I finished it!

Thanks for all the cheering and kind words and following! I shall now take a well-deserved break and visit some of your blogs and connect with all you lovely writing people!

That’s all. My hands can’t type any more. Lots of love!



Writing away in silence

Gosh, I am poor at updating this space (yet I keep telling folks to watch it …) – not cool! The trouble is that the writing process is not too exciting for anyone but me!

So what can I tell you?

That I spend 2.5 hours each morning from 6.30am – 9am at the desk in front of my bay window? That I do it in silence and my own company alone? That I watch as the neighbours across the street wake up one by one? That I drink one cup of coffee from my Jane Austen mug and then follow up with a large glass of cold water? That I always wish I had another cup of coffee but never make one?

Or that I catch my characters plotting behind my back? Latest one this morning … sneaky man, that one!

Well, there’s my standard writing morning. I write six days a week, and have Sunday off. I’m not Trollope-ing in quitting mid-sentence, nor am I Stephen King-esque and have a particular number of pages each day. I want writing to be enjoyable so I listen to my mood, but usually the time span is enough to get solid work done, and still finish on a high, wanting to write more. That leaves me excited for the continued work and allows me to keep the flow going. I try not to stop while I’m stuck – that wouldn’t be good for me or my characters. And they’re in enough trouble as it is.

Currently the manuscript fr “BE” is over 125 000 words and still  not complete so I’ll need to cut parts for the next draft, but it’s too bloody exciting to almost be finished so right now I don’t care! Rock on, writers!

Anyone got any funky writing habits?


100K !

100kThis week I reached the magical 100K word milestone. Second draft of “BE” is moving forward at the speed of, if not light, then certainly some star-related medium.

And it’s not all bad, either. I feel my pulse accelerating while writing certain scenes, and I’m criss-crossing my little fingers that future readers will feel the same.

100.000 – that is crazy.

Sending good writing vibes to all of you as well!

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70 000 !

70 000 !

Tiny update: today I hit the 70 000 word-mark in the second draft of my YA novel, “BE”! I’m feeling the flow of writing again. The words come willingly and I’m immersing myself in this fictitious world, feeling its rhythms, its breeze of organic existence. I’m fixing problems, extending, removing, deleting, editing – overall making it better and better every single day!

Remember: a professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit!


ps. Working on a Swedish version of MS Word, hence the spellcheck red waves.