Guest blogging for S Usher Evans!

Hey pals,

Today I’m guest blogging over in fellow indie author S Usher Evans’s corner! It’s all about world building, about ways to go about it and about the importance of a source of protein (little vegan joke for y’all).

Check it out here!

xoxo N.


Review: The Muse (Jessie Burton)

The MuseThe Muse by Jessie Burton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let’s be real, Jessie Burton is a star. In all honesty, I did enjoy The Miniaturist more than The Muse, but this is no less a gem. Two stories, the 60s in London and 30s in Spain, Malaga. It’s a story of identity, of finding one’s place, of desire and obsession, of female history and male history and human history. Each plot line is filled with memorable characters with secrets of their own, these two plot lines slowly edge closer to each other until you’re so close you just have to turn the page to see what ingenious solution Burton comes up with. I think both stories contain enough to fill the pages of a book of their own, but they also work beautifully together.

I for one cannot WAIT for her next book. Jessie Burton, you are my hero, my inspiration – my muse.

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