Hi, remember me?


After a creative slump where writing words – any kind of words – seemed much like pulling teeth I’ve managed to pick up my wee novel again! While I’m not entirely sure I’ve escaped the dead-mind traphole I intend to do all I can to climb out, rather than sit around and wait for the rescue team.

At the end of all things, it’s all on me. No teacher to berate me for handing it in late, no classmates waiting – nobody but me.

Therefore – here’s a status update! I’ve read through my manuscript, covered it in red ink, made several notes for absolutely ridiculous illogical parts and problems, changed a few names, realised that most characters are walking and talking and wearing their names like real people, reconsidered changes, figured out a few solutions, etc, etc. I even drew a map!

Today I’ll begin my second draft! I promised a friend – one of my first-to-be readers – that I’d have it done by the time she goes on holiday so she has something juicy to read in the sun. That’s in 2 weeks… 14 days… so I really better get going!

Please share your writing updates!



p.s. Loving the cyber snow!