Teaser #1 !

As we hit the two-month pre-publication mark of Bell Eleven (Book One of the Landskapë Saga), I want to up the excitement level just one notch. Friends, how about a little teaser?


If you liked this one, how would you like a teaser every week until publication? Please share thoughts/comments/conspiracy ideas by commenting, or tweet to me tagging @ninajlux and/or using the hashtag #TLSnov26.



Upcoming: selfpub theme!

In the aftermath of the beautiful title reveal of Bell Eleven (below), I’m pondering and pondering upon the concept of self publishing. One conclusion reached: I want to read more self pubbed works!

So: if you have a self published book you’d like me to read and review right here on the blog, leave a comment, DM/tweet to @ninajlux or send me a message through my Facebook page and I’ll be happy to check it out.

Looking forward to see some new and fresh reading material!


Revelations day!

Sunday at last! Stay tuned for the triple news I’ve collected for y’all today. It’s going to be huge.


Here’s how it’ll happen: one piece of new information will appear at 10AM (GMT), the next two collectively at 11AM (GMT).

I can’t wait to share the title, the date and the super secret surprise with you!


Sunday heads-up!

Hi, friends! Here’s just a quick heads-up for this Sunday, September 21:

As all bookish/fairy tale people know, all good things come in threes. So come Sunday, I am excited to reveal 3 things to you:

  1. Full and final title reveal of my YA fantasy adventure novel
  2. Specific publication date for said novel
  3. A secret surprise which is kind of a bold move, but a necessary one – and one I hope you will support me in executing

That’s all for now. I hope you have a lovely weekend and that you’ll check in here Sunday or the week after for the exciting and bold and forward-thinking news on “BE”.


Update #2: cover

The sketches for the cover of BE (title reveal on Sunday, friends!) mentioned in that previous post have landed in my inbox.

And they are beautiful! I literally (in the correct usage of the word) did the penguin/seal clap of approval and had a few jumps and squeals in pure excitement this morning when I saw them. This process is so exciting, and I can’t wait to move forward.

This week’s theme here on the blog is all about covers, as you may have noticed. Please comment with tips for good/bad covers, cover reveals, and your favourite covers! What makes a good one?


Cover reveal: ‘A Vengeance of Angels’

Speaking of covers …!

Andrew Toynbee's very own Blog

This sequel has been a long time coming, but the release date is steadily drawing closer and optimism is growing for a mid-November release.  So different from the release of my first novel, this timetable is holding and everything appears to be on schedule.

‘A Construct of Angels’ – my debut novel – crawled forward in random fits and starts, suffering from a mixture of inexperience and poor planning.

But thanks to my editor, Tara (she of Shaner Media Creations), the timetable she created is keeping me moving steadily forward.

So, in keeping with her timetable, I am now proud to present the cover my second novel, the sequel to ‘A Construct of Angels:’



Seasoned readers will spot many similarities to the first cover. This is deliberate 😀

I asked Ravven to retain some of the original elements in order to provide series continuity. The main character, you…

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