Writing: search engine entries

Some might keep a writing diary, others save all those notes on dirty napkins, past drafts, character drawings and what not. I, too, do some of these things because it’s wonderful to see how a story has developed. But I have a new ritual in the same spirit.

Search engine entries.

Because I research (well, the details at least) while writing, I do use online search engines a lot during the course of writing the first draft. So now I’ve started noting down what entries guide me right. Some examples from recent The Landskapë Saga book 2 writing sessions:

  • metals
  • heike monogatari
  • japanese house plans
  • shades of orange
  • ear parts external
  • moonshine liquor

Will keep updating this list, primarily on Twitter. It says something about the inspiration behind a work, I think. And something about where my knowledge needs some polishing, haha.

xoxo N.


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