Update #2: cover

The sketches for the cover of BE (title reveal on Sunday, friends!) mentioned in that previous post have landed in my inbox.

And they are beautiful! I literally (in the correct usage of the word) did the penguin/seal clap of approval and had a few jumps and squeals in pure excitement this morning when I saw them. This process is so exciting, and I can’t wait to move forward.

This week’s theme here on the blog is all about covers, as you may have noticed. Please comment with tips for good/bad covers, cover reveals, and your favourite covers! What makes a good one?



2 thoughts on “Update #2: cover

  1. My biggest peeve with any cover is with text that’s too small to be seen, especially when it comes to the author’s name. Look at Amazon and you’ll see that most books typically appear about 1″ wide by 1.6″ tall. Your cover has to stand tall among a small crowd. 🙂 Good luck!

    • Hi!
      That’s an excellent tip – thank you! Probably v. easy to miss if you’re not paying attention 🙂 We’re working with BIG fonts here haha. Thanks for commenting and cheering! I’ll check out your blog right away! x

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