Cover bonanza!

Self-publishing means a lot of decisions need to be made. Hi, I’m Jo, and I am nigh on pathologically indecisive. Good combination, eh?

But I pulled myself together, took some advice from beta readers and other friends, and decided, at last, on a fantastic designer for the cover of “BE”! I’ll be posting a cover reveal later on this autumn, so stay tuned. It’s gonna be good!

You can all look forward to a title reveal as well – very shortly!

In related news:

For those of you who didn’t know this before, I study book publishing back here in Sweden. We’re having a class on book covers next week and the lecturer has asked us to find a cover that captures our attention, for good or bad. Being the relentless optimist that I am, I went for a good one. And here’s my choice:

Tokyo Year Zero by David Peace. Sort of noir war fiction. I found this book at a second hand book sale at uni in London a few years back and what caught my attention was partly the title (I’m a huge Japanophile!), and partly the funky cover.

What I love about the cover is how the designer’s taken the Japanese flag and used it in the design. Also, note how the Faber and Faber logo in the top left hand corner is incorporated in the cover design. Finally, the photograph adds a chilling sensation of reality to the whole image.

Have you got any good covers to share?



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