goldfinchI’ve had to prioritise some course material this week, but otherwise I’m reading this absolute gem! Obviously The Goldfinch has been praised world-wide (just look at the quotes on the cover) and most people have unmistakably heard of it, much thanks to its being short-listed for the Bailey’s Prize for Women’s Fiction earlier this year – but do you realise how dazzling and soul-capturing this novel is?!

It’s one of those you want to keep reading forever and ever. I’ve got some 200 pages left and the separation anxiety has already kicked in. I can’t imagine a life without this novel. And yet, I’m eager to find out what’ll happen next. The plot makes me think of Dickens, and I do love my Dickens. Her language is exquisite and incredibly rich, the plot is engaging and patient.

In short, it’s that kind of novel where you feel every word, every phrase, every event is in exactly the place it should be. Move one piece and the whole would fall apart. A perfect dance of content and form.

I cannot recommend this book enough. Please share your reading tips!



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