5 thoughts on self-publishing

As the notorious (well …) “BE” reaches the end stage of editing, the point of no return, i.e. publication, draws nearer. Soon it’ll be time for my little birdie to leave the nest, to venture out into the world, and meet all its potential readers; to encounter whatever fate awaits it.

The only question is: how?

As a publishing student, I should probably favour the traditional way: agent – publisher – reader. And sure, there is a lot of positives with going through a professional publishing house, not the least in terms of marketing and packaging. If you get picked at all, that is.  The whole gatekeeping, quality control, that this route entails is of course good and necessary, but so many factors play in, especially for a debuting author such as myself.

So then I think … self-publishing intrigues me. It seems exciting. Powerful. Manageable?

My 5 thoughts:

  1. Marketing, promotion etc is a tough nut – to stand out from the masses on e.g. Amazon.
  2. Quality control – should probably get a professional editor to check it.
  3. The freedom! I can be in control of eve-ry-thing (control freak nerve cheers!).
  4. Genre: “BE” is a YA imaginative (think Divergent or Hunger Games) novel – the perfect genre for self-publishing!
  5. Though the market in the US and the UK regard self-published authors a little higher than in Sweden, this general opinion that self-pub novels are “the rejected ones” bugs me. Sure, it’s probably true a lot of the time, but so many factors can turn a publisher’s reply from yes to no so it’s not always directly related to quality.

This is most likely the first of many posts regarding this topic. That I’m painfully indecisive isn’t helping at all. Any thoughts and own experiences one way or the other are more than welcome.

For example: Those of you who are self-pub, what made you decide to go down that route? What are the trap doors? Would you do it any differently?



6 thoughts on “5 thoughts on self-publishing

  1. I self-published my first book, largely because of the urge to keep control and desire to dip my toe into the water of the industry so to speak. Obviously I’m not hitting any bestseller lists but I’ve been happy with the response thus far and will definitely take that route again. It’s not that I won’t ever try traditional publishing, it’s just a case of following my gut instincts as to what is right for each project.

    Best of luck with whatever path you choose 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Callumm! I can absolutely sympathise with the keeping control and try the industry by your own hand rather than let “the experts” take care of it all. Perhaps a self-publishing venture would give me some seriously good experience for a future job? Worth thinking about. Again, many thanks for pitching in and good luck to you too! Is your work on Amazon? Jo xoxo

      • I’d say it’s definitely worth considering. My conclusion was that publishers would take a writer that has shown real commitment to the industry over the years more seriously than a first time author with no experience. I may well attempt the traditional route someday; it’s all a matter of what I think is best for each individual project I suppose. For a young, debut author it seemed the most logical option in my case.

        Yes, my book is called The Vessel and it’s available on Amazon. I hope to see your work on there one day too 🙂

  2. Self publishing is the route I chose probably for the same reason as most, I like the control 😀 I do like the feeling of if my book sells, then it was down to my hard work alone that pulled that off. One of the reasons I decided to write was the fact I could self-publish.

    It is hard work though, but it doesn’t mean you can never look into traditional publishing later. A lot of author do that now.

    In the end, you have to decide what suits you best 🙂 Good luck with!

    • Hi Mishka! Your comment seems to have slipped right by under my nose – I’m so sorry for not replying sooner! Both your aspects are huge positives and something I can sympathise with. I’ve decided now to self-publish and see how it goes 🙂 Whatever happens, it’ll be an exciting experiment with plenty of learning opportunities!
      Thanks for commenting! I’ll be sure to check out your books 🙂 And continued good luck to you as well!

      • No worries, I know how blogging can be sometimes!

        I hope self-publishing goes smoothly for you. It is one of those things where you can also pursue traditional publishing at the same time. The literary world has changed so much, and mostly for the better I’d say! 😀

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