#AmWriting: M&M

With a drafted novel in the blue folder in the middle drawer, I decided to move on temporarily with the next writing project and give the other one some time to settle and ‘land’ in my mind. With my note pad always at hand, I jot down new ideas, angles, character traits, plot twists, or other flashes of inspiration that come a-flying. Let it suffice to say I’ve got a few extremely tempting ideas in those notes… it’s making me feel even more excited and motivated in starting rewriting the first draft!

But we keep that drawer closed for now.


Photo by Tony Hart Photography

The current #AmWriting project is one that I’ve written before, but then in the form of a screenplay. A few weeks ago I had an idea to turn this fairytale into a children’s book and that’s exactly what I’m doing now. It will go under the code name of M&M for now (writing out titles of unfinished projects feels as close to a jinx as you can come without a wand/potion/owl).

I thought: Easy. I’ve got the story, the characters, the plot. It’ll be a matter of simply writing it down. A nice in-between activity.


To ‘simply write it down’ would not do this story justice. Far from it.

While I’m keeping the visual flair of the story, a book needs more description, whether in dialogue or prose. So I’m taking the characteristics of the screenplay with me into novel writing, hoping that the visuals will provide an exciting and  imaginative dimension to the natural beauty of the story. Besides, the screenplay was only 12 minutes long and the book was thought to become around 40-50,000 words, so there are certainly bits to be filled in.

However, I remain positive. I love this story – in fact, I feel  such a strong & rare affinity to it. Like it’s a separate thing urging me to take the reins and channel its message through my writing. Become the vessel. As if it needs me.

As if the muse has come at last; as if she’s tapping me on the shoulder, telling me that it’s time. 


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