Chains Off – Write ON!

Not quite yet a hatched graduate, but fully developed within the egg, only awaiting that hat and diploma, free to soar the skies on young wings onto new adventures, I realise…

…I have freedom now. Not only that: freedom to write.

All those excuses of essays to finish, books to read etc are gone – the only real thing I need to do right now is find a job (even that as a leg in the overall goal to settle the last problem to writing – financial independence).

I have all the freedom in the world to write my stuff – not the stuff that my creative writing courses tell me to write (to be fair the courses are pretty liberal with content, but those few restraints/guide lines are now gone). 

So with zero physical limitations, a little apprehension, and lots of excitement I will now proceed to work on my main project, that YA fantasy trilogy, and extending my short film into a full feature screenplay, as well as continuing other writing pathways. 

Exciting times lie ahead, friends, and it’s up to us to seize every second of it. Keep the pen glowing! This is only the first chapter of a long adventure.

ps. I’m also pursuing reading as a serious activity,especially YA fantasy, so any good reading tips are welcome. Will be posting my own here as I go along the wonderful yellow brick road of the genre!


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