Tilted & Titled

Only a short post to update my dear followers on the state of things.

I am currently in my last 2-3 weeks of university, and that entails a lot of writing. Mostly essays, but today I finished my screenplay for a 12-minute short film, and soon I’ll be polishing the last touches of the opening of the YA fantasy novel I’ve been mentioning here before.

‘Tis, as one might understand, a little crazy at the moment. Tilted, if one will. 

Besides the 30,000 words for university, I decided to enter a short story competition for Collings in Sweden, where they are looking for the ‘Best Short Story in Sweden.’ No pressure. 

It’s due Tuesday. 

This tilted state of mind has, however, generated some seriously interesting stuff creatively. For one, my ‘best short story’ is coming on nicely and will, eventually, be one of the strangest and loveliest I’ve written to date. Also, (and this is very exciting):

that YA fantasy novel? It now has a title. I shan’t reveal it quite yet, but this means I’m genuinely getting there! 

Keep writing, friends!


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