and so the story begins

New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken – or? For me, the past few years’ resolutions have been constructive, keepable, and nothing but beneficial. Forget that ‘new’ life, unrealistic concrete goals and new austere habits. It’s all about feeling good, and doing good. Previous years have had resolutions with reference to friendships and general well-being. This year is no different, although it perhaps takes on a more concrete form than before.

I call it MWWM, or, Make the Written Word Matter and it takes form in this space, where I’ll voice literary, creative, and similar sentiments in an action to join the conversation out there. In short, to take my writing more seriously and step out into the real world beyond university, beyond the confinement of my own skull.

And so the story goes is my lead motto, and it represents the continuous flow of creativity and, quite specifically, stories which will come out of here. It may be real life, it may be fiction, it may be something in between, or neither, but stories will be told, if they push to be told.

I’d be thrilled to have you along with me on the ride, and for you to join in the conversation too (it is a two-way communication after all) and follow the writing of my YA fantasy novel among other projects.

It’s only the beginning, but the beginning of an epic saga with many twists and unexpected turns to tickle your imagination and mine.  Or that’s the hope at least.

Accordingly: Once upon a time…



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